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Where to Get Racing Drones for FPV Racing and…

When you want to get started learning to fly using first person view (FPV) you will need to buy a ready to fly FPV racing drone kit and some FPV goggles. Most…

Top 5 Camera Drones to Buy in 2016 Video

There are some fantastic drones on the market today that allow you to take some excellent video footage and photos. This video highlights what I feel are the…

Drone Use on The Rise for A Postive Impact on The…

Drones use is on the rise and they look to be here to stay. We will cover some things drones are being used for to increase your appreciation of how drones are…

Recent Drone News

Xiaomi Enters The Drone Market With The Mi Drone

China based Xiaomi has announced the release of their new drone called the Mi Drone which will come in two versions including a 4k video option.

A Quadcopter That Can Cling to Walls and Ceilings

Stanford University engineers have invented a quadcopter that can cling to walls and ceilings.

GoPro Drone Announced 2016 for Launch into The…

GoPro have announced their first drone is coming in 2016.

Welcome to Drone Region


Drone Region offers all drone enthusiasts a place to find and share information about multirotor drones and enter the exciting word of quadcopters and other multirotor systems. The site is focused on remote controlled multirotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) systems used for recreation and commercial use such as film making and can help you learn more about drones and how to get started with drones.

For those of you who love fly your drone at home or in the park you will find information on hobby grade drones while people looking for commercial use will also benefit from our articles about commercial quadcopters and drones.

If you are looking for some straight to the point information about multirotor drones without the technical jargon and terminology overload then Drone Region has you covered. We will explain and define terminology as we go to keep it simple for you. If you are starting your own company that requires a drone we will provide advice on using your drone, acquiring parts and equipment and more.

The drone discussion forum is a great place to communicate with other drone and UAV enthusiasts. Members include professionals who are experienced in the industry of RC vehicles and people who love to have a drone and fly them at home. Feel free to use the forums to post any of your drone, quadcopter or multirotor UAV related questions.

Drone Forums - Latest Topics

Self-Driving Cars Continue to Move Closer to Mains
While they are not flying cars, self-driving cars are no longer science fiction. http://lifeasahuman.com/2015/mind-spirit/food-for-thought/self-drivi...
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Akaso X5C RC Quadcopter for $27.99
Title has Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera on sale for $27.99 with the code "20%-off-5-31". Shipping fee is free....
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Fully Automated E-commerce Drone Delivery is Getti
• http://www.newsweek.com/google-takes-next-step-project-wing-drone-delivery-service-420103 • http://www.onlinerobotics.com/amazon-showing-drone-deli...
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What happens when you get out of range?
I am very new to the quadcopter and drone world. There have been some people that have told me that you have to be careful with these machines because...
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Drones Are Going to Take All Our Jobs! =•P
BioCarbon Engineering recently spoke at the United Nations Solutions Summit about how the use of drones and 3D maps could help to plant trees in a che...
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