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The drone terminology and definitions is an online glossary for drone and quadcopter enthusiasts.

Aerial Photography

Term Definition
Aerial Photography

This is the art of taking photos or videos from the sky (in the air). This becoming more popular as digital cameras and other digital equipment is becoming lighter and smaller.

Aerial photography is usually achieved by attaching a camera to the quadcopter. Some quadcopters have a video camera built into the casing that will take can be used to takeĀ  photos or video. A lot of quadcopter units do not have a camera built in but can have a camera attached using a gimbal.

The modern professional photographer who will use quadcopters to take video and photos from the sky use full HD video cameras and a high megapixel camera to capture the best possible image. The quadcopter also needs to be stable and able to fly smoothly so the footage looks nice. Learning to fly a quadcopter for the purpose of taking videos and photos can take a long time and a lot of practice.