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Cheap RC quadcopters are available from toy stores and online retailers and can be a cost effective introduction to four roter flight and we will explain the advantages and potential disadvantages of cheap RC quadcopters.

Cheap QuadcoptersCheap Quadcopters

The cheaper RC quadcopters are usually limited in frequency rage which means the copter can not fly a long distance from the remote receiver before it loses communication and you can no longer control it. Cheaper quadcopter systems don't usually have any automation or GPS features to recover a lost vehicle that went out of range or return it home so you need to remain in control.

One way the cost can be kept down is to use cheaper parts. A cheaper quadcopter may use motors and other parts that are easily damaged or not build to last. Replacing the parts on a cheap quadcopter may not worth while and it of often more cost effective to buy a new quadcopter rather than replace broken parts.

A cheap quadcopter will operate in a similar way to a more expensive professional system but there may be differences in the stability and movements of the copter due to the low price but that does not mean that all cheap quadcopters are bad because there are some very well performing low cost quadcopters available.

Buying a Cheap Quadcopter

Buying a cheap quadcopter is a good way to introduce yourself or your kids to this type of vehicle and understand how they are operated before you invest in a more expensive model for photography or aerial stunts and tricks.

The word cheap is different to everybody because we all have different expectations and financial budgets but you can set a realistic expectation about what a good cheap quadcopter is by reading the product descriptions posted at online stores and manufacturer websites to help you determine the features you like then read the reviews posted to the online stores by people who have purchased them to determine the best cheap quadcopter that will fit your needs and budget.