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We all know in the world of photography the technology is getting more advanced while the equipment is also getting more compact and portable. The drone industry is no exception with some very small and powerful drones being released each year.

Taking to the sky is one of the smallest drones on the market which packs a punch for the size is the DJI Spark. This drone from DJI is almost small enough to sit on the palm of your hand and it can be launched from your hand too.

This small drone can take videos in full HD and has the ability to take 12-megapixel photos. Yes I know what you are thinking, they all say full HD and the footage ends up looking like some cheap webcam footage shot back in the late 90s but I can sure you, in this case, the video and image quality form the DJI Spark is clear and looks amazing, even better than many modern mobile phone cameras, and a mobile phone doesn't fly.

The Spark has a lot of features that make it a great travel partner. The footprint of the drone is very small and even with a couple of batteries, you can fit it in a backpack easily. There is a range of flight modes for taking selfies with to capture the moment in style and this drone has a follow me mode to capture you where ever you go.

You can control this drone using your phone or tablet but there is a controller designed especially for the Spark. I'll go ahead and suggest you grab the dedicated controller when you buy your Spark because I have never been comfortable using a mobile phone as a radio transmitter, it is not my style, maybe ok for you but trying to see the video footage while my fingers are blocking it when flying can be awkward at times.

Battery life is acceptable for a drone of this size. I get about 12 or so mins out of a battery and maybe more depending on what I am doing with it. The higher you rise, the faster the battery will drain which is the same for any drone. The DJI Spark is not aimed at high flyers expecting to make a professional cinematic film and it is best for taking selfies at close range or group photos from 30 to 45 metres away. I should say that it can be used to take amazing landscape videos in full HD and if that is what you want then you are sure to be impressed.

There are a lot of accessories for the Spark including spare propellers, custom cases and other accessories to protect your spark from damage when travelling. Some accessories are from the manufacturer DJI while many others are from third-party accessory manufacturers.

I would recommend this drone to anybody looking for their first drone. If you are looking for an easy and fun way into the world of drones then the DJI Spark is sure to deliver.