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A glossary of words and terms used in our drone articles with definitions related to multirotor UAV and RC drones.


Drone Terminology

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808 camera

These are very small cameras often sold as key chain cameras. They are small and light enough to strap onto a drone and take aerial video.


An electronic component which measures acceleration forces on a given axis (direction) of flight. They can be used to stabilize the system for better flight.

Aerial Photography

Taking photos or videos from the sky is commonly referred to as areal photography. This becoming more popular as cameras and drone are combined and used a aerial photography tools.


Almost Ready to Fly - This is a term use when buying a quad copter kit. An ARF kit is usually not supplied with a transmitter and may require some basic assembly.


Not being controlled by a hand held transmitter or person. This usually means the drone is able to follow a preset path using GPS.


This describes how many lines (planes) of potential flight that drone can fly on. Most 3-axis drones can fly forwards and slide left or right.

Barometric Pressure Sensor

A device which uses barometer readings to determine altitude. This can be used to help drones determine their height above ground and can be used in combination with other sensors.


This is the process of telling the transmitter (controller) to communicate with the drone or drone. The transmitter and the drone need to be bind so the transmitted knows what drone it is controlling.


Bind N (and) Fly - This describes a drone system that is ready to BIND to your existing transmitter and then fly.

camera gimbal

This is the device that holds a camera on a drone. Some camera gimbals have small motors that allow you to move the camera and many offer stable camera and shake resistant features.


Radio Controlled – RC refers to most drones which are controlled by radio transmitters and also by a smartphone or tablet.


Radio Controlled - Another way that the term RC is often written. RC and R/C mean the same thing.


Remotely Piloted Aircraft - This term refers to an aircraft that is controlled remotely by a human. Most RC drones are RPA.


This term is used to describe the rotation of a drone around it’s center axis on a level plane.