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This article is intended to give you the information needed about drone to build your own drone or the parts you need to repair a broken drone.

Drone Parts to Build Your Own Drone

Building a drone or repairing a broken drone will require you to have some knowledge about the parts needed and for beginners it is often easier to buy a new drone or take it to a hobby shop and have if fixed by them. We will outline the main components of a drone.

Drone Parts

The frame is the main body and it houses everything including the electronics, wiring, motors and every other part of the drone. You can buy frame kits from drone and multirotor specialty stores and there are many online stores that sell drone frame kits.

The propellers are usually made of plastic or a strong and light material and are use to give the drone lift and movement.

The motor is the part of the drone that turns the propellers. A drone will have four motors and each one is controlled separately.

Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
This helps regulate the speed of the motors and how fast to spin each motor at any given time to allow for stable flight.

Flight Controller
This is the main board of the drone and contains most of the electronics. Everything is connected to the flight controller.

This receives signals from the transmitter and sends it to the flight controller.

If you require a more detailed explanation of these parts you can see the drone terminology section of droneregion.com.