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Drone racing is already well known to RC and drone enthusiasts and is heading in the right direction to become an established mainstream sport of the future. I will talk about drone racing and get you ready to embrace the excitement of this modern sport.

Drone Racing and Understanding The Basics

Drone racing is a fast action sport putting human competitors against each other while racing their drones around a predefined course. The drones are controlled using a hand held transmitter which is tuned to the specific drone it is controlling. Drone racing pilots wear special headsets which are viewing goggles that receive video from a camera on the drone over a wireless connection. The pilot will have a first person view (FPV) looking in front of the drone giving them a driver's seat view of the race from their drone.

The drones used in this sport are usually quadcopters designed specifically for racing. Quadcopters have four propellers and are very maneuverable making them a good choice for racing. These drones are retrofitted with a camera and other components to make them suitable for racing. An essential part of a racing drone is a light frame to hold the electronics and other components which are used to increase the potential speed of the drone.

Drone racing courses require a large area but there is no specific way to design a drone racing course and many races are held on private property using trees or rope tied to wooden stakes for defining the edges of the course to follow. Some well managed races require transmitters to be attached to the drone that signal gates around the course and ensure racers fly under them staying on course. Drones can race at a speed of approximately 60 miles per hour which is fast and if you are not careful accidents are going to happen which is why safety is an important part of any drone racing event.

This sport has existed for many years and racing RC vehicles is nothing new but drone racing has gone from small private blocks of land for fun to larger competitions with prize pools entering the millions in very short time making it a rapidly growing sport that could become a major event.

The sport is easy to get into with racing clubs and meets in most countries and a you can buy ready to fly racing drone kits from many RC specialists online. Many technical oriented people will build their own racing drone from parts purchased to give them a competitive edge over racers using off the shelf kits but these ready to fly kits will get you started and be a great way to practice racing before you spend money and time on making a costume racing drone.


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