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Drones use is on the rise and they look to be here to stay. We will cover some things drones are being used for to increase your appreciation of how drones are having a positive impact on society today.

Drones Used in Positive Ways

We have all heard a scare story about a near miss or drone crash that allegedly makes them a risk but did you know they are being used every day to assist in positive ways by innovative people looking for ways to offer new ways of doing business.

Drones have become a major part of many agricultural businesses with farms using them to inspect their crops from a central location on the land. The video capabilities and the ease of being able to program them to be controlled by a computer allows farmers to set a flight path or flight boundries for the drone that will give them a birds eye view of the crops anywhere on the farm more economically than an airplane fly over or walking to inspect the crops.

Drones are increasingly being used in search and rescue and have many uses that can save lives and increase the safety and efficiency for rescuers. Drones are used by police officers and fire-fighters for searching large areas for missing persons and crime victims which saves time and helps establish where human intervention is required and what action may be necessary before they need to put human lives in what could potentially be a harmful situation. Searching is made officiant because a drone can be programmed to follow a search path or do a grid search and remain within a specific boundary.

Sport has seen a rise in drone related activities in recent years with drone racing competitions growing in popularity. Drone racing events have been held on a small scale using private property and have recently been held larger international events. Drone racing is heading in the direction of becoming a recognized sport enjoyed by all and no longer just for the very tech savvy.

The photography industry has taken to the use of drones in a big way and is one of the major driving forces behind the rapid increase of drone popularity in recent years. Toy drones with a camera can be used for taking still photos or low resolution videos to share with friends. Advanced camera drones are capable of  some breathtaking aerial photography at very high resolutions. Ready to fly camera drones have become one of the best selling consumer drones around the world demonstrating the benefits of drones to amateur and professional photographers. Advancements in sensor technology has allowed drones to be easy to control and be programmed to follow a person for filming fast action sports like skying and stunt bike racing.

Recreational toy drones are now common place in toy stores and variety retailers along side remote control cars and other electronic toys. These toys can give anybody the chance to have a drone to learn on before investing in an expensive drone. Toy drones come in different sizes and some are small enough to sit in the palm of your hand which makes them good indoor flying toys.

There is no doubt that the use of drones is on the rise and there are countless uses for them which have a positive impact on the world. When you hear the critical news items about drones remember to give some thought about the positive impact they are having.

Drones to The Rescue