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When you want to get started learning to fly using first person view (FPV) you will need to buy a ready to fly FPV racing drone kit and some FPV goggles. Most racing drones are quadcopters which are equipped with a camera facing in a forward direction so you can see where you are going using special goggles. We will show you what to buy and list some places selling racing drones.

Racing Drones for FPV RacingRacing Drones for FPV Racing

You can buy a drone made for racing from many RC hobby stores and your local dealer can advise you on what racing drone to purchase. This is a good option if there is a store near you selling them but for many of us there is not which means we need an alternative.

The other place to get a racing drone is online. There are many online stores selling ready to fly racing drones including banggood.com and Tmart.com. There is a good selection of racing drones available on Amazon but not all sellers using Amazon will ship world wide so getting your FPV racing drone and accessories from there may be difficult depending on the country you live in. I have found it very difficult to find Amazon sellers who ship drones to my home town of Sydney Australia which is a popular place in the world but the other stores mentioned will ship to most countries.

What You Will Need

When you get a racing drone you will need to make sure you have the following:

  • A Radio Controller (remote control) compatible with the receiver on the quadcopter
    This is used to pilot the drone and sends a signal to the drone on a frequency which must be compatible.
  • Quadcopter (drone) fully assembled with an FPV camera
    The drone must be fully assembled and ready to fly.
  • FPV goggles that are compatible with the quadcopter's video transmitter frequency.
    The pilot uses the googles to see where the drone is flying. The camera will send the video feed to the goggles or video receiver. The receiver and transmitter on the drone must be the same frequency.

To Buy or Build

You will not get into any serious competitions unless you build a racer that is up to the task and most off the shelf racing drones are not going to win against competitively built custom made racing drones. When you decode you want to get serious about racing you will need to build your own. You will need to research frames and other components to build the best racer for you.

If you want to learn how to fly and get some practice then you can buy an off the shelf racing drone and fly with that. There are many of them available at banggood.com and Tmart.com which will get you started.