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Knowing the difference between a hobby grade drones and a toy drone is getting tougher as the technology starts to become more advanced and cheaper drones sold as toys are being fitted with features previously reserved for the more expensive drones. There are still some things that set them apart and we will explain the main differences between a hobby grade drone and toy drones.

Technology is moving forward at a fast pace and the drone industry is coming out with more advanced features all the time which is great for consumers because we get the hi-tech equipment at an easily affordable price.

Toy Drones

When you go to your local toy store you may have noticed they now have RC drones on the shelf in the same section as RC cars and helicopters which have been around for a lot longer. Larger variety stores such as K-Mart in Australia are selling toy quadcopters. K-Mart sell quadcopters under their own label for $49 AUD which is a good sign of how affordable and popular drones have become. These drones are sold as toy drones and have not been designed for FPV racing or aerial photography because they are made for flying at home or in the park by anybody from the age of 8 years and older. A toy drone will not have any GPS or location features which means they will not have a return to base or return home feature. If you want to learn to fly a quadcopter manually then a toy drone is often a good option to begin with because they do not have many flight assistance features and you will need to fly them using the provided transmitter.

Hobby Grade Drones

When you are ready to start going to a more serious level of drone flying you will need to look at a higher quality system which leads you to hobby grade equipment. Hobby grade drones have more sophisticated sensors and the ability to perform tasks based on location. Hobby grade drones have replaceable parts such as propellers and body parts which can be purchased from hobby stores and RC specialists. A hobby grade quadcopter can get you started down the track of learning about different uses for drones so when you are ready to buy a professional system you know what features you would like. Hobby grade drones are not designed for beginners so you may require some flying experience to fly them without crashing which is why a toy grade drone is better for beginners.

Moving To Professional Drones

When you have been in the hobby for a long time you will know what you enjoy about drone flying and can then make an educated decision about a professional system so meet you needs. A professional system can be made for a specific purpose such as FPV racing, aerial photography or industrial purposes such as monitoring land or aerial surveying.

There are a lot of options when choosing a toy or hobby drone but starting with one of these before buying an expensive professional system will help you in the longer term because you will learn to fly a basic toy before a more advanced hobby system leading to a professional system that meets specific requirements.