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Learning to fly drones can be the most challenging part for a beginner so we will provide some resources and advice for learning to fly drones.


There are several ways to get started with drone flying including getting lessons from an expert, using a drone simulator app and using a beginner drone equipped with safety features for learners.


You can learn to fly drones using a computer, mobile phone or tablet with software called a drone simulator. A simulator is an app that will let you learn how to fly RC drone without risking damage to a real quad. A simulator is different to a game because a simulator is designed to provide a realistic feel and response which allows you to get comfortable controlling a drone as it simulates the conditions of flying in a real environment with physics that are similar to how a real drone would react. There are some popular drone simulators that will help you learn to fly a drone including Quadcopter FX Simulator which is available forĀ Android and iOS and Aerosim RC for PC.

A simulator will not give you the full experience of flying in real life and they have their limitations but if you want to learn how to perform tricks and how to take control of a drone without the risk of damage or you do not have enough space to practice with a real quad then a simulator is a good way to get started,

A simulator will have different options so you can fly different drone and modify them which can be useful to help you decide what drone to buy when you are ready to learn on a real quad.

When you can fly a drone using a simulator you know you will be ready to fly a read quad and it will be time to buy a beginners drone.


If you want to get started with a real drone and not an app then I recommend you get a drone with propeller guards which create a barrier around the sides of the propellers protecting them from objects the quad bumps into. This will give you a chance to learn how to control your quad with some protection for the propellers.

Propeller guards are usually detachable so when you are confident flying your drone you can remove them which will reduce the weight on the quad and possible give you more control and battery life. When you can fly your drone without the propeller guards you know you are ready to upgrade to a better quadcopter and move past the beginner level.