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Quadcopters with a camera can be used for aerial photography and we will explain how they are used and what is needed to use a quadcopter for taking photos or video from the sky.

Quadcopter With a CameraTaking photos has been a hobby and profession for people for over 40 years and in recent years digital photography equipment has become smaller and lighter making it easier to take more places. Advances in technology has also allowed us to devise ways to protect the inner workings of photography equipment from being damaged on impact for small shocks and being damaged when emerged in water and withstand most weather conditions.

Quadcopter With a Camera for Aerial Photography

When we want to take videos or photos from the sky we can use a quadcopter with a camera mounted on it. The camera is often attached to the underbelly of the quadcopter and many commercially available quadcopters will be supplied with a special camera built into the casing of the quadcopter. There are many quadcopters that you can buy with a camera provided or built in and if you are a beginner who wants to get right in and film quickly one of these ready to go kits may be the best option for you because you know it will work.

The camera and quadcopter need to be compatible in some ways. The main consideration is the weight of the camera and the lifting power of the quadcopter because the camera must not be too heavy for the quadcopter to lift and carry around. The camera also needs to be strong enough to withstand minor shocks it may receive on landing or if the quadcopter has a collision or crashes.

Viewing the footage as you are flying can be a big advantage and many of the available quadcopters with a camera will allow you to use a mobile phone or tablet to view the camera footage. Some remotes come with an attachment that will hold a small device such as mobile phone.

Most quadcopters designed for serious photography will allow you to store the video footage on the camera or on SD card and copy it to a computer by a USB cable or in some cases wireless connection.