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There have been exciting innovations in consumer drone capabilities over the last few years and this year is no different so we are in for a treat heading into 2020.

Top Drones to Consider in 2020

We are going to be in for a treat in 2020 because it is a year we will see some great new drone tech and innovation. We will see the introduction of new ideas and some highly complex obstinate avoidance systems.

Now we will take a look at the drones to look out for in 2020. Get ready for some amazing products.


The most talked-about drone during the first week of 2020 is the EVO II which claims a 40min flight time so the worry about battery life is reduced a lot. The drone also claims a range of 9km which means even at close distances you get a solid connection to the drone. This drone has 12 sensors for obstacle avoidance and AI to assist in detecting obstacles and avoiding crashed from objects up to 30m away. The drone comes in different configurations depending on your intended use. The large form factor may make it a good choice for the professional but if you want to travel light then you may find this drone a bit bulky. But as fas a technology goes this is an amazing leap forward in drone capabilities and if you have space in your travel bags then this could be the one you will want to add to your gear.

V-Coptr Falcon

One of the most unique drones of 2020 is the V-Coptr Falcon. This is the first time we have seen a V-shaped bi-copter but there is more to it than just a fancy form factor. This drone claims a 50min flight time, yes you read that correctly 50mins making it one of the longest flight times on one charge for a consumer drone. The drone shoots 4k video and has a 7km range so it is a great choice for holiday photography and shoot that require time. The V-Coptr has a 3-axis mechanical gimbal which is not a game-changer but combined with the other featured this is a hot contender for the traveling videographer for 2020.

Skydio 2

The third drone to keep an eye on for 2020 has to be the Skydio 2. This drone has taken a leap forward in obstacle avoidance with six 4k mounted cameras used to see everything in every direction. The onboard processor uses AI to help avoid crashes. This drone also introduces a small device called the Skydio Beacon that you can keep on you so the drone can track you even when it can not see you. The drone takes 4k video and has a 3 axis gimbal.