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We got news today that DJI has decided that Drone Region finds this website that is dedicated to drones not suitable to promote their products.

Like many websites, blogs and YouTubers we applied to their affiliate program which will pay a percentage of the sale to the affiliate if they refer sales to their website. DJI has responded by stating that our website is not suitable to promote their products. They did not elaborate on why this decision was made so unfortunately, we have no other information to go on other than the assumption that they think they are too good for our small drone enthusiast site.

Drone Region has decided in response to this manufacturer classing us as unsuitable to promote their products will reduce our mention of its line of drones, cameras, and compatible accessories.

The response we received was "Thanks for your interest in DJI. We find your website is not suitable for promoting our products right now. Thanks again."

The result for our readers will be that we will happily report any news regarding the drone industry, software and usages for drones but at this time we are not likely to bring you news of products or services that rely exclusively on products from this manufacturer. Such news sent to us will be deleted immediately.