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Drone manufacturer Parrot, also known for their mobile phone apps have announced a new generation of minidrones coming this year including a drone that can be used on water.

The company will launch a series of minidrones which can be controlled from a mobile phone or tablet. The drones will be toy grade and marketed to younger consumers further strengthening the increasing hold Parrot already has on the consumer drone market.

One unique product to be released by Parrot is a hydrofoil drone that can be used on water. When the minidrone quadcopter is attached to the boat it becomes a fast and maneuverable RC hydrofoil.

The other drones to be released from Parrot this year include Cargo Drones which have toy figurines attached to the top of the drone allowing you to have a personalized drone and Night Drones which can fly in the dark thanks to wide angled LEDs.

Parrot claim the drones will be fast and agile and should perform flips with ease and the new drones have cameras facing down to take aerial photos from above. There is no ability to take video with these new drones but with a low enough consumer price this may be a sacrifice many young people will make to get into the drone flying craze.