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Taking to the sky in a Star Wars like race is now a reality in the RC world thanks to the advancement of RC multirotor technology and FPV goggles and digital video cameras.

FPV Racing with Quadcopters

Quadcopter pilots are now building their own temporary race tracks that can be used to race their quadcopters. The track is marked out on the ground and some events use sensor technology to allow for lap counting and time trials. FPV goggles are used to see the view as the quadcopter sees it.

One notable event was held in New Zealand in Arpil 2015 called Rotorcross NZ. The event was successful and it is one of the first of this type known to be well organized and done at such a professional level.

There are many other people who have created their own quadcopter racing courses and videos are beginning to appear online demonstrating the different ways people race quadcopters and giving clear indications that the sport is growing in popularity.

Quadcopter racing is being conducted on private land, closed car pars and other places with enough space.