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Drone Terminology and Definitions

The drone terminology and definitions is an online glossary for drone and quadcopter enthusiasts.

Term Definition
808 camera

Small cameras often sold as key chain cameras.


An electronic component which measures acceleration forces on a given axis (direction) of flight. They can be used to stabilize the system for better flight.

Aerial Photography

This is the art of taking photos or videos from the sky (in the air). This becoming more popular as digital cameras and other digital equipment is becoming lighter and smaller.


Almost Ready to Fly - This is a term use when buying a quad copter kit. An ARF kit is usually not supplied with a transmitter and may require some basic assembly.


Not being controlled by a person. This usually means the drone is able to follow a preset path using GPS.


This describes how many lines (planes) of potential flight that quadcopter can fly on. Most 3-axis quadcopters can fly forwards and slide left or right.

Barometric Pressure Sensor

A device which measures air or atmospheric pressure (barometer readings) to determine altitude. This can be used to help drones determine their height above ground and can be used in combination with other sensors.


A device that sends power to the electronic components of a quadcopter.

Battery Charger

This is a device that recharges the battery.


This is the process of telling the transmitter (controller) to communicate with the Quadcopter or drone. The transmitter and the quadcopter need to be bind so the transmitted knows what quadcopter it is controlling.